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Commercial & Residential Security Installation

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security camera installer NYC & NJ
security camera installer NYC & NJ
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Integration & Modernization

For Today's Connected World



Upgrading your present system may cost a lot less than rewiring for a new installation.  We help you do it.

Upgrade Pricing

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage for security camera footage is a safety measure in case the DVR is stolen or damaged by thieves. 

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Online Integration

Online integration lets you stay connected and view/hear your cameras from anywhere on Earth with an internet connection.

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Enterprise Contracting

Outsource your security needs to us, and let us and our staff worry about your assets 24/7.

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How it Works

It's Simple...

Step 1: Schedule a Free Site Evaluation

We go over your needs, recommendations, and pricing

Step 2: Place Order & Schedule Install

Select your lease or purchase options with your rep.

Step 3: We Install Within 2-14 Days*


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*Installs requiring special equipment may take a bit longer

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...a camera for everything

When you need more than just any camera.  

Wide-Angle Secuirty Cameras

From: $299 per Camera

Wide Angle (general coverage)  Security Cameras are usually used to capture the widest possible area in a single frame.  Wide angle cameras are typically used to monitor offices, warehouses, convenience stores, and residences.   Generally situations where these cameras are most effective are when the party/parties being monitored cross the security camera at close proximity.  

Ideal Usage Scenarios: 

Wide areas that need the widest-angle coverage possible such as:



Convenience Stores


Parking lots


Highlights: While these high definition security cameras can cover the widest angles (90-180 degrees) and are  pretty effective at close range, they are not the best option for face-level identification at medium to long distances.


  • Motion Sensor

  • Wide-angle HD Lens

  • Night Vision

  • True Wide Dynamic Range

  • Audio 

  • WiFi 

  • PoE

Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 Years (extendable) 

Question:  This seems like the best security camera to buy being that it covers the widest possible angle.  Why doesn't everyone just buy wide angle surveillance cameras instead of anything else?  

Answer:  While all of our products are high definition and the picture quality is spectacular at first glance, general area cameras can capture a license plate or facial detail from 50' away. A very good way to determine if wide angle security cameras are the right choice for you is by standing near the location (and height) at which you wish to mount the surveillance camera.  Just as you can't see your neighbors facial details across the yard, general coverage wide-angle security cameras also can't see facial detail from that distance.  Also take into account that while these cameras have some of the clearest possible night-vision available today, general physics says light bounces and reflects bright colors and reflective surfaces (such as license plates in the dark).   That's where you would consider specialty security cameras that compensate for more demanding conditions.  The good news is that you can mix and match general wide-angle surveillance cameras with other special-application security cameras such as LPR License Plate Recognition Security Cameras or PTZ Surveillance Cameras. 


PTZ Security Cameras

From: $949

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras are remote control cameras that are usually used in large spaces.  


Ideal Usage Scenarios: 

Loss Prevention

Manned-Guard Houses & Security Stations

Parking Lots

Highlights: You can remote control the lens from your smartphone (360 degrees), and zoom in at will.

License Plate Recognition Cameras (LPR Cameras)

From: $499

LPR or License Plate Recognition Cameras are usually used in parking lots to help prevent site casing,  dumping, vehicle theft at dealerships, toll booth monitoring,  kidnapping, and exclusive governments functions where license plate number collection is vital. 


Ideal Usage Scenarios: 

Toll booths

Gas stations

Enterprise Parking Lots 

Gate Houses & Trucking Security Offices

Highlights: Most enterprises rely on these high-powered HD Surveillance Cameras throughout parking lots to settle insurance claims that stem from hit and run car accidents, parking lot theft liability, and workman's comp claims.

Available Variations:


Motorized Varifocal Lens

Alarm integration 


128GB SD Card Slot

True Wide Dynamic Range

Parking Lot/Gatehouse Security Camera


Parking Lot/Gatehouse Security Cameras are typically used in cases such that you need a head-on recording of incoming and/or outgoing

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