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CCTV Installers in Newark, NJ Specializing in Network IP Camera System Multi-Site Camera Integration 

Commercial Security Camera Installations NJ & NYC
Lease from $499 down $49/Month
Buy from $2499/System Installed

1-800-481-CAM1 (2261)

Residential & Commercial Automation Security Camera Installation and Services for NJ & NYC 

Lease a system from $499 down & $49/Month. 

*Limited time only. Applicable taxes and fees extra. Subject to credit approval.

Buy a system from $2499 

*Limited time only. Applicable taxes and fees extra. Subject to credit approval.

Commercial Security Installation

IP Security Camera System Installation & Management
 New Jersey & New York City

security camera installer NYC & NJ
security camera installer NYC & NJ
On-Site Estimate
  • We'll show you our system

  • Go over your needs

  • Discuss options & pricing

Place  Order
Schedule Install 

Buy or lease, we probably have a plan that fits  you.

We Install Cameras in  1-7 Days

  • Installs requiring special equipment take longer

  • Emergency Installs done within 24 hours

Take Control

Stream or Anywhere


Get Alerts

  • When employees or customers arrive

  • When kids come home

  • Texts  when there's motion after hours

Free Estimate




Integration & Modernization

For Today's Connected World



Upgrading your present system may cost a lot less than rewiring for a new installation.  We help you do it.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage for security camera footage is a safety measure in case the DVR is stolen or damaged. 

Online Integration

Online integration lets you stay connected and view/hear your cameras from anywhere on Earth with an internet connection.

Enterprise Contracting

Outsource your security needs to us, and let us and our staff worry about your assets 24/7.

Lease or Buy

Buy from: $2495/System (installed)

*Limited time only. Applicable taxes and fees extra.


Lease from $499/down and $25/Camera

*Limited time only. Applicable taxes and fees extra. Subject to credit approval or security deposit.

security camera installer NYC & NJ

Cutting-Edge Tech

Designed for 2022 

Optimized for iPhone & Android

Don't get stuck in the past. Most security camera installers  use outdated tech. We specialize in cloud-based enterprise security camera installation and smart-home integration.


Factors like 4K image resolution, new methods of storage compression, live streaming, internet speeds, etc. have revolutionized the way we connect.  

Feature-Packed Cameras

  • HD & 4K Ready
  • Wide-angle Lens
  • Weatherproof (IP67)
  • Built-In Motion Sensors
  • Military-Grade Night Vision
  • WiFi & PoE
  • True WDR & 3D DNR
  • Smartphone Playback & Alerts
  • Smarthome & Alarm Integration 
  • IFTTT Compatibility
  • Alexa & Google Home Ready
  • Optional Audio
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom 
  • Low Profile 

All features not available on all cameras. See your tech for details.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to Use

Using the iOS & Android apps' modern, user-friendly interface is pretty much self-explanatory, making live steaming and reviewing your footage as easy as using your smartphone. 

Motion-Activated Text Message Alerts

Realtime motion-activated alerts​ make it easy for you

keep track of whom arrived when (ideal for employee or child monitoring). 

Brand Flexibility

& Our Commitment to You

Brand flexibility means that we aren't limited by the equipment that we use. We install the brands that you prefer. 

Styles for Various Applications


Style availability and brands may vary by feature requirements, stock, and vendor availability.

How it Works

It's Simple...

Step 1: Schedule a Free Virtual or On-Site Evaluation

We go over your needs, recommendations, and pricing

Step 2: Place Order & Schedule Install

Select your lease* or purchase options with your rep  *US Residents Only 

Step 3: We Install Within 1-7 Days*


Success! Message received.

*Installs requiring special equipment may take a bit longer



...a camera for everything

When you need more than just any camera.  



Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras are remote control cameras that are usually used in large spaces.  


Ideal Usage Scenarios: 

Loss Prevention

Manned-Guard Houses & Security Stations

Parking Lots 

Our PTZ models with active tracking feature cameras that automatically track follow and record vehicles and objects 

Highlights: You can remote control the lens from your smartphone (360 degrees), and zoom in at will.

License Plate Camera HD


We install License Plate Cameras to help prevent site casing,  dumping, vehicle theft, kidnapping, sensitive corporate locations, and generally situations where license plate number collection is vital to help security and law enforcement. License plate cameras help facilitate insurance claims (often reducing corporate costs), and expediting liability claims exponentially by as much as eleven months (900%) by helping law enforcement identify assailants and correctly allocate responsibility for often unresolvable vehicle and property damage claims.

Ideal Usage Scenarios: 


Gas Stations


Corporate Parking Lots

General Vehicle Loss Prevention

Manned-Guard Houses & Security Stations

Highlights: Most enterprises rely on LPR cameras to settle insurance claims.  

Parking Lot/Gatehouse Security Camera


We usually install License Plate Cameras in parking lot and gatehouse scenarios. These security cameras are typically used in cases such that you need a head-on recording of incoming and outgoing vehicle license plates or passing traffic. LPR security cameras are typically installed in places where lighting conditions are less than ideal such as dark driveways, remote access roads, etc.     

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